The Department of Chemical Engineering was founded in the Faculty of Engineering in 1989. Currently, the department comprises of 17 active academic staffs (+8 staffs on Ph.D study leave), 6 technical staffs, and 8 administrative staffs.

Our department offers Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Chemical Engineering (4-year program), which involves the applications of engineering and chemical process principles to various manufacturing processes, e.g. petrochemical, chemical, polymer, biochemical, pulp and paper, food, and electrochemical industry. So far, the department has produced more than 800 chemical engineers. At present, there are more than 240 undergraduate students enrolled in both regular and evening programs.

The Master of Engineering program in Chemical Engineering was started in June 1996, and the Doctor of Engineering program in Chemical Engineering was started in June 2000. From June 2005, the international Master and Doctor of Engineering programs in Chemical Engineering were lunched. Currently, there are more than 120 graduate students enrolled in all graduate programs. Various thrust research areas are established in the department. They can be roughly categorized into 6 areas: (1) Chemical engineering fundamental, (2) Chemical reaction engineering, (3) Biochemical and bioprocess engineering, (4) Materials and powder technology, (5) Process simulation and control, and (6) Process energy, environment, and safety. These research works have resulted in a number of national and international conference proceedings, publications, and patents.

Cooperation and consulting works to private and government agencies have also been done regularly. Overseas visiting professors have been arranged to come to give lectures at the department every year to provide the students with an international experience.

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