List of Publications (SKS)

International Journal

Vejpongsa, I., Suvachittanont, S., Klinklan, N., Thongyen, T., Veres, M. and Szymanski, W.W., 2017. Deliberation between PM 1 and PM 2.5 as air quality indicators based on comprehensive characterization of urban aerosols in Bangkok, Thailand. Particuology.


Suttiponparnit, K., Tiwari, V., Sahu, M., Biswas, P., Suvachittanont, S. and Charinpanitkul, T., 2013. Effect of Pt or Pd doping on stability of TiO 2 nanoparticle suspension in water. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry19(1), pp.150-156.


Sahu, M., Suttiponparnit, K., Suvachittanont, S., Charinpanitkul, T. and Biswas, P., 2011. Characterization of doped TiO 2 nanoparticle dispersions. Chemical engineering science66(15), pp.3482-3490.


Suttiponparnit, K., Jiang, J., Sahu, M., Suvachittanont, S., Charinpanitkul, T. and Biswas, P., 2011. Role of surface area, primary particle size, and crystal phase on titanium dioxide nanoparticle dispersion properties. Nanoscale Res Lett6(1), p.27.


Suvachittanont, S., Kanaoka, C., Tsuchinari, A. and Tanthapanichakoon, W., 1996. Measurement of the specific surface area of porous media through pressure drop. Advanced Powder Technology7(2), pp.91-99.


Eldik, R., 1995. Steric control over the complex-formation and chelation kinetics of cis-bis (amine) palladium (II) complexes with methionine and S-methylcysteine in weakly acidic aqueous solution. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, (12), pp.2027-2031.


Suvachittanont, S. and van Eldik, R., 1994. Steric and nucleophilic control over the versatile complex-formation kinetics of model cis-bis (amine) palladium (II) complexes with inosine and inosine 5'-monophosphate. Inorganic Chemistry33(5), pp.895-899.


Suvachittanont, S., Hohmann, H., Van Eldik, R. and Reedijk, J., 1993. Versatile complex-formation kinetics observed for the reactions of a model cis-bis (amine) palladium (II) complex with DNA nucleosides and nucleotides. Inorganic Chemistry32(21), pp.4544-4548.


Hohmann, H., Suvachittanont, S. and Van Eldik, R., 1990. A kinetic study of the substitution behaviour of aqua and chloro complexes of ethylenediaminepalladium (II) in aqueous solution. Inorganica chimica acta177(1), pp.51-58.


Suvachittanont, S. and Van Eldik, R., 1989. Mechanistic differentiation between solvolysis reactions of pentaammine trifluoromethanesulfonato-O complexes of cobalt (III), chromium (III), and rhodium (III). Inorganic Chemistry28(19), pp.3660-3662.


Wiart, L.B. and Suvachittanont, S., 1985. Performance and economic analysis of air flow windows in a tropical climate. International journal of energy research9(4), pp.441-447.


Lawrence, G.A. and Suvachittanont, S., 1980. Activation volumes for aquation of a neutral ligand from ionic or neutral octahedral complexes: Ureapentaamminecobalt (III) dithionate and chlorobis (dimethylglyoximato) ureacobalt (III). Inorganica Chimica Acta44, pp.L61-L62.


Lawrance, G.A. and Suvachittanont, S., 1980. The preparation, aquation kinetics and activation volumes of trans-chloro-and trans-bromo-azido (meso-5, 12-dimethyl-1, 4, 8, 11-tetraazacyclotetradeca-4, 11-diene) cobalt (III) perchlorate. Australian Journal of Chemistry33(2), pp.273-278.


Lawrance, G.A. and Suvachittanont, S., 1980. Pressure-and temperature-dependent isomerization reactions of aquabis (ethylenediamine) cobalt (III) complexes: deuterium solvent isotope effects. Australian Journal of Chemistry33(8), pp.1649-1658.


Lawrance, G.A., O'Connor, M.J., Suvachittanont, S., Stranks, D.R. and Tregloan, P.A., 1980. Pressure-dependent racemization reactions of tris (dithiocarbamato) cobalt (III) complexes in nonaqueous solvents. Inorganic Chemistry19(11), pp.3443-3448.


Lawrance, G.A., Suvachittanont, S., Stranks, D.R., Tregloan, P.A., Gahan, L.R. and O'Connor, M.J., 1979. Pressure dependence of the racemization of tris (pyrrolidyldithiocarbamato)-cobalt (III) in non-aqueous solvents. Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, (17), pp.757-758.


Lawrance, G.A. and Suvachittanont, S., 1979. Correlation of volumes and entropies of activation for racemization and isomerization reactions of octahedral metal complexes: evidence for a twist mechanism. Inorganica Chimica Acta32, pp.L13-L15.


Lawrance, G.A. and Suvachittanont, S., 1979. THE EFFECT OF PRESSURE ON THE RATE OF ISOMERIZATION OF ACETATOAQUOBIS (ETHYLENE-DIAMINE) COBALT (III) PERCHLORATE. Journal of Coordination Chemistry9(1), pp.13-18.


Lawrance, G.A., Stranks, D.R. and Suvachittanont, S., 1979. Volumes of activation for substitution reactions of tris (1, 10-phenanthroline)-and tris (2, 2'-bipyridyl) iron (II) complexes with hydroxide and cyanide ions from high-pressure solution kinetics. Inorganic Chemistry18(1), pp.82-85.


Lawrance, G.A., Stranks, D.R. and Suvachittanont, S., 1978. Volumes of activation for racemization of mixed 1, 10-phenanthroline and 2, 2'-bipyridyl complexes of nickel (II) from high-pressure solution kinetics. Inorganic Chemistry17(12), pp.3322-3325.


International Conference

S. Suvachittanont and Ratanapan, P., “Evaluation of Microcrystalline Cellulose from Corn Cob for Development to the Pharmaceutical Industry,” presented at the TIChE International Conference 2011, Songkhla, 2011.


S. Suvachittanont and Pookingdao, W., “Extraction of Cellulose from Corn Cob for Preparation and Characterization of Cellulose Beads,” presented at the TIChE International Conference 2011, Songkhla, 2011.


Konkrit Suttiponparnit and Sirikalaya Suvachittanont, “Innovative Productions of Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Cellulose Beds and Cellulose Sponge Corn Cob,” presented at the 7th Asia Pacific Congress on Sustainable Energy & Environmental Technologies, Qingdao, China., 2009.



Local Conference

Suvachittanont, S., Metheenukul, T., Lorlertsakul, K., Asavakosri, S., and Gomutbutra, P., “Innovative CompositePhase Change Materials (PCMs) Safety and Energy Saving in the Buildings,” presented at the การประชุมวิชาการวิศวกรรมความปลอดภัย ครั้งที่ 3, คณะวิศวกรรมศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์, 2554.


คมกริช สุทธิพรพรณิชย์ and ศิริกัลยา สุวจิตตานนท์, “Effect of Crystalline Phase, Primary Particle Size and Particle Mass Concentration on Titania Nanoparticle Dispersions,” presented at the RGJ Seminar Series LXIII: Chemical Engineering: Theory and Applications,  Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University., 2553.


อภิรักษ์ อนุรักษ์ชนะพล and ศิริกัลยา สุวจิตตานนท์, “Innovative Production of Microcrystalline Celluluse, Cellulose Bends and Cellulose Sponge from Corn Cob,” presented at the 6th Asian Aerosol Conference Bangkok (AAC09), Bangkok, Thailand., 2552.


International Petty Patent

ศิริกัลยา สุวจิตตานนท์, "การผลิตฟองน้ำที่มีลักษณะเป็นเส้นใยเซลลูโลสธรรมชาติจากวัสดุเหลือใช้ทางการเกษตร", รศ.ดร.ศิริกัลยา สุวจิตตานนท์, 2006


International Patent

ศิริกัลยา สุวจิตตานนท์, "การผลิตจุลผลึกเซลลูโลสจากสารประกอบของเซลลูโลสที่ได้จากวัสดุธรรมชาติ", รศ.ดร.ศิริกัลยา สุวจิตตานนท์, 2005

ศิริกัลยา สุวจิตตานนท์, "การผลิตวัสดุรูปทรงกลมที่มีรูพรุนจากสารประกอบของเซลลูโลส", รศ.ดร.ศิริกัลยา สุวจิตตานนท์, 2004

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