List of Publications 2017



List of Publications 2017



Dittanet, P., Pearson, R.A. and Kongkachuichay, P., 2017. Thermo-mechanical behaviors and moisture absorption of silica nanoparticle reinforcement in epoxy resins. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives78, pp.74-82.


Leelachai, K., Kongkachuichay, P. and Dittanet, P., 2017. Toughening of epoxy hybrid nanocomposites modified with silica nanoparticles and epoxidized natural rubber. Journal of Polymer Research24(3), p.41.


Charoen, K., Prapainainar, C., Sureeyatanapas, P., Suwannaphisit, T., Wongamornpitak, K., Kongkachuichay, P., Holmes, S.M. and Prapainainar, P., 2017. Application of response surface methodology to optimize direct alcohol fuel cell power density for greener energy production. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1309-1320.


Srinophakun, P., Thanapimmetha, A., Plangsri, S., Vetchayakunchai, S. and Saisriyoot, M., 2017. Application of modified chitosan membrane for microbial fuel cell: Roles of proton carrier site and positive charge. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1274-1282.


Srinophakun, P., Thanapimmetha, A., Rattanaphanyapan, K., Sahaya, T. and Saisriyoot, M., 2017. Feedstock production for third generation biofuels through cultivation of Arthrobacter AK19 under stress conditions. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1259-1266.


Thanapimmetha, A., Suwaleerat, T., Saisriyoot, M., Chisti, Y. and Srinophakun, P., 2017. Production of carotenoids and lipids by Rhodococcus opacus PD630 in batch and fed-batch culture. Bioprocess and biosystems engineering40(1), pp.133-143.


Kunanuntakij, K., Varabuntoonvit, V., Vorayos, N., Panjapornpon, C. and Mungcharoen, T., 2017. Thailand Green GDP assessment based on environmentally extended input-output model. Journal of Cleaner Production.


Numpilai, T., Witoon, T., Chareonpanich, M. and Limtrakul, J., 2017. Impact of physicochemical properties of porous silica materials conjugated with dexamethasone via pH-responsive hydrazone bond on drug loading and release behavior. Applied Surface Science396, pp.504-514.


Kiatphuengporn, S., Donphai, W., Jantaratana, P., Yigit, N., Föttinger, K., Rupprechter, G. and Chareonpanich, M., 2017. Cleaner production of methanol from carbon dioxide over copper and iron supported MCM-41 catalysts using innovative integrated magnetic field-packed bed reactor. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1222-1233.


Phongamwong, T., Donphai, W., Prasitchoke, P., Rameshan, C., Barrabés, N., Klysubun, W., Rupprechter, G. and Chareonpanich, M., 2017. Novel visible-light-sensitized Chl-Mg/P25 catalysts for photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental207, pp.326-334.


Phongamwong, T., Chantaprasertporn, U., Witoon, T., Numpilai, T., Poo-Arporn, Y., Limphirat, W., Donphai, W., Dittanet, P., Chareonpanich, M. and Limtrakul, J., 2017. CO 2 hydrogenation to methanol over CuO–ZnO–ZrO 2–SiO 2 catalysts: Effects of SiO 2 contents. Chemical Engineering Journal316, pp.692-703.


Charoen, K., Warakulwit, C., Prapainainar, C., Seubsai, A., Chareonpanich, M. and Prapainainar, P., 2017. Optimization of metal atomic ratio of Pd x Ru y Ni z on carbon support for ethanol oxidation. Applied Surface Science.


Kotbantao, G. and Charoenchaitrakool, M., 2017. Processing of ketoconazole–4-aminobenzoic acid cocrystals using dense CO 2 as an antisolvent. Journal of CO2 Utilization17, pp.213-219.


Sirisinudomkit, P., Iamprasertkun, P., Krittayavathananon, A., Pettong, T., Dittanet, P. and Sawangphruk, M., 2017. Hybrid Energy Storage of Ni (OH) 2-coated N-doped Graphene Aerogel//N-doped Graphene Aerogel for the Replacement of NiCd and NiMH Batteries. Scientific Reports7.


Siriworarat, K., Deerattrakul, V., Dittanet, P. and Kongkachuichay, P., 2017. Production of methanol from carbon dioxide using palladium-copper-zinc loaded on MCM-41: Comparison of catalysts synthesized from flame spray pyrolysis and sol-gel method using silica source from rice husk ash. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1234-1243.


Poungsombate, A., Imyen, T., Dittanet, P., Embley, B. and Kongkachuichay, P., 2017. Direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from CO 2 and methanol by supported bimetallic Cu–Ni/ZIF-8 MOF catalysts. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers.


Suktha, P., Phattharasupakun, N., Dittanet, P. and Sawangphruk, M., 2017. Charge storage mechanisms of electrospun Mn 3 O 4 nanofibres for high-performance supercapacitors. RSC Advances7(16), pp.9958-9963.


Chareonpanich, M., Kongkachuichay, P., Donphai, W., Mungcharoen, T. and Huisingh, D., 2017. Integrated transdisciplinary technologies for greener and more sustainable innovations and applications of Cleaner Production in the Asia–Pacific region. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1131-1137.


Wiroonpochit, P., Uttra, K., Jantawatchai, K., Hansupalak, N. and Chisti, Y., 2017. Sulfur-Free Prevulcanization of Natural Rubber Latex by Ultraviolet Irradiation in the Presence of Diacrylates. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

Winya, N. and Hansupalak, N., 2017. A comparison between the effects of sepiolite and silica on mechanical properties and thermal stability of NR/EPDM blend.


Kittiampon, N., Kaewchada, A. and Jaree, A., 2017. Carbon dioxide absorption using ammonia solution in a microchannel. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control63, pp.431-441.


Chueluecha, N., Kaewchada, A. and Jaree, A., 2017. Enhancement of biodiesel synthesis using co-solvent in a packed-microchannel. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry51, pp.162-171.


Kaewchada, A., Tubslingkra, S. and Jaree, A., 2017. Separation of toluene from heptane via liquid–liquid extraction in microtube contactor using triethylene glycol. Chemical Engineering Research and Design117, pp.784-791.


Chueluecha, N., Kaewchada, A. and Jaree, A., 2017. Biodiesel synthesis using heterogeneous catalyst in a packed-microchannel. Energy Conversion and Management141, pp.145-154.


Sungsinchai, S., Niamnuy, C., Jaree, A. and Devahastin, S., 2017. Influences of pretreatment and drying methods on composition, micro/molecular structures and some healthrelated functional characteristics of dietary fibre powder from orange pulp residues. International Journal of Food Science & Technology.


Limtrakul, S. and Arnonkijpanich, B., 2017. Supervised learning based on the self-organizing maps for forward kinematic modeling of Stewart platform. Neural Computing and Applications, pp.1-17.


Suwanvaipattana, P., Limtrakul, S., Vatanatham, T. and Ramachandran, P.A., 2017. Modeling of electro-organic synthesis to facilitate cleaner chemical manufacturing: Adiponitrile production. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1296-1308.


Rungrangpitayagon, J., Poonvasin, S., Sanposh, P., Rattanawaorahirunkul, R., Sukvichai, K. and Panjapornpon, C., 2017, May. Feedback linearization-based PI controller for continuous pH process system. In Information and Communication Technology for Embedded Systems (IC-ICTES), 2017 8th International Conference of (pp. 1-5). IEEE.


Phanawadee, P., Laipraseard, K., Yablonsky, G.S., Constales, D., Jamroonrote, W. and Jaipet, P., 2017. Estimation of the remaining lifetime of deactivated catalyst via the spatial average catalyst activity illustrated by the water–gas shift and steam methane reforming processes. Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, pp.1-15.


Boonrod, B., Prapainainar, C., Narataruksa, P., Kantama, A., Saibautrong, W., Sudsakorn, K., Mungcharoen, T. and Prapainainar, P., 2017. Evaluating the environmental impacts of bio-hydrogenated diesel production from palm oil and fatty acid methyl ester through life cycle assessment. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1210-1221.

Pattanapisutkun, N., Prapainainar, C., Kongkachuichay, P. and Prapainainar, P., 2017. Synthesis and Characterization of Silaned-Graphene Oxide-Mordenite Grafting. In Key Engineering Materials (Vol. 718, pp. 81-86). Trans Tech Publications.


Jansomboon, W., Boonmaloet, K., Sukaros, S. and Prapainainar, P., 2017. Rice Hull Micro and Nanosilica: Synthesis and Characterization. In Key Engineering Materials (Vol. 718, pp. 77-80). Trans Tech Publications.


Prapainainar, P., Du, Z., Kongkachuichay, P., Holmes, S.M. and Prapainainar, C., 2017. Mordenite/Nafion and analcime/Nafion composite membranes prepared by spray method for improved direct methanol fuel cell performance. Applied Surface Science.


Thanapimmetha, A., Srinophakun, P., Amat, S. and Saisriyoot, M., 2017. Decolorization of Molasses-Based Distillery Wastewater by Means of Pulse Electro-Fenton Process. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering.


Chanthasuwannasin, M., Kottititum, B. and Srinophakun, T., 2017. A Mixed Coding Scheme of a Particle Swarm Optimization and a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Sequential Quadratic Programming for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming in Common Chemical Engineering Practice. Chemical Engineering Communications, (just-accepted).


Junkratuek, A., Srudhiprom, J. and Srinophakun, T., 2017. Computational fluid dynamics of a horizontal hydrocyclone for freezing desalination. AsiaPacific Journal of Chemical Engineering.


Sudsakorn, K., Saiwuttikul, S., Palitsakun, S., Seubsai, A. and Limtrakul, J., 2017. Biodiesel Production from Jatropha Curcas Oil Using Strontium-doped CaO/MgO Catalyst. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering.


Saeong, P., Saisriyoot, M., Thanapimmetha, A. and Srinophakun, P., 2017. The response surface optimization of steryl glucosides removal in palm biodiesel using silica adsorption. Fuel191, pp.1-9.


Chuichulcherm, S., Kasichan, N., Srinophakun, P., Saisriyoot, M. and Thanapimmetha, A., 2017. The use of ozone in a continuous cyclical swing mode regeneration of Fe-EDTA for a clean biogas process from a swine farm waste. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1267-1273.


Saisriyoot, M., Sahaya, T., Thanapimmetha, A., Chisti, Y. and Srinophakun, P., 2016. Production of potential fuel oils by Rhodococcus opacus grown on petroleum processing wastewaters. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy8(6), p.063106.


Yutthalekha, T., Wattanakit, C., Warakulwit, C., Wannapakdee, W., Rodponthukwaji, K., Witoon, T. and Limtrakul, J., 2017. Hierarchical FAU-type zeolite nanosheets as green and sustainable catalysts for benzylation of toluene. Journal of Cleaner Production142, pp.1244-1251.

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