List of Publication 2015



List of Publication 2015

Tanggarnjanavalukul, C., Donphai, W., Witoon, T., Chareonpanich, M. and Limtrakul, J., 2015. Deactivation of nickel catalysts in methane cracking reaction: Effect of bimodal meso–macropore structure of silica support. Chemical Engineering Journal262, pp.364-371.


Seubsai, A., Noon, D., Chukeaw, T., Zohour, B., Donphai, W., Chareonpanich, M. and Senkan, S., 2015. Epoxidation of propylene to propylene oxide with molecular oxygen over Sb 2 O 3–CuO–NaCl/SiO 2 catalysts. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry32, pp.292-297.


Yakhnin, V., Rattanayotsakun, S., Jaree, A. and Menzinger, M., 2015. The parameter domain of convective instability of the adiabatic packedbed reactor. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering93(11), pp.1975-1989.


Rungrueng, K. and Panjapornpon, C., 2015. Observer-based input/output (I/O) linearizing control for an EDC vaporizer system. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers50, pp.69-75.


Wantawee, S., Panjapornpon, C., Limtrakul, S. and Vatanatham, T., 2015. Temperature control of polypropylene thermal cracking reactor by input/output linearization with two-degree-of-freedom structure. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers52, pp.72-78.


Imchalee, R. and Charoenchaitrakool, M., 2015. Gas anti-solvent processing of a new sulfamethoxazole− l-malic acid cocrystal. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry25, pp.12-15.


Witoon, T., Bumrungsalee, S., Chareonpanich, M. and Limtrakul, J., 2015. Effect of hierarchical meso–macroporous alumina-supported copper catalyst for methanol synthesis from CO 2 hydrogenation. Energy Conversion and Management103, pp.886-894.


Phongamwong, T., Chareonpanich, M. and Limtrakul, J., 2015. Role of chlorophyll in spirulina on photocatalytic activity of CO 2 reduction under visible light over modified N-doped TiO 2 photocatalysts. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental168, pp.114-124.


Witoon, T., Permsirivanich, T., Kanjanasoontorn, N., Akkaraphataworn, C., Seubsai, A., Faungnawakij, K., Warakulwit, C., Chareonpanich, M. and Limtrakul, J., 2015. Direct synthesis of dimethyl ether from CO 2 hydrogenation over Cu–ZnO–ZrO 2/SO 4 2−–ZrO 2 hybrid catalysts: effects of sulfur-to-zirconia ratios. Catalysis Science & Technology5(4), pp.2347-2357.


Rujiwatra, A., Semakul, N., Surinwong, S. and Chareonpanich, M., 2015. Co-Ti-O Complex Oxides: Hydrothermal Synthesis, Phase Characterization, Color Analysis and Catalytic Activity Assessment. CHIANG MAI JOURNAL OF SCIENCE42(4), pp.857-867.


Sirirat, T., Vatanatham, T., Hansupalak, N., Rempel, G.L. and Arayapranee, W., 2015. Kinetics and modeling of methyl methacrylate graft copolymerization in the presence of natural rubber latex. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering32(5), pp.980-992.


Junoi, S., Chisti, Y. and Hansupalak, N., 2015. Optimal conditions for deproteinizing natural rubber using immobilized alkaline protease. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology90(1), pp.185-193.


Sirirat, T., Vatanatham, T., Hansupalak, N., Rempel, G.L. and Arayapranee, W., 2015. Kinetic study of styrene and methyl methacrylate emulsion polymerization induced by cumene hydroperoxide/tetraethylenepentamine. Journal of Polymer Research22(2), p.16.


Constales, D., Yablonsky, G.S., Phanawadee, P., Pongboutr, N., Limtrakul, J. and Marin, G.B., 2015. When the final catalyst activity profile depends only on the total amount of admitted substance: Theoretical proof. AIChE Journal61(1), pp.31-34.


Tochampa, W., Sirisansaneeyakul, S., Vanichsriratana, W., Srinophakun, P., Bakker, H.H., Wannawilai, S. and Chisti, Y., 2015. Optimal control of feeding in fed-batch production of xylitol. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research54(7), pp.1992-2000.


Hirunpraditkoon, S., Srinophakun, P., Sombun, N. and Moore, E.J., 2015. Synthesis of activated carbon from jatropha seed coat and application to adsorption of iodine and methylene blue. Chemical Engineering Communications202(1), pp.32-47.


Pimprom, S., Sriboonkham, K., Dittanet, P., Föttinger, K., Rupprechter, G. and Kongkachuichay, P., 2015. Synthesis of copper–nickel/SBA-15 from rice husk ash catalyst for dimethyl carbonate production from methanol and carbon dioxide. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry31, pp.156-166.


Khamplod, T., Loykulnant, S., Kongkaew, C., Sureeyatanapas, P. and Prapainainar, P., 2015. Electron beam radiation grafting of styrene on natural rubber using Taguchi's design. Polymer79, pp.135-145.


Jaimuang, S., Vatanatham, T., Limtrakul, S. and Prapainainar, P., 2015. Kinetic studies of styrene-grafted natural rubber emulsion copolymerization using transmission electron microscope and thermal gravimetric analysis. Polymer67, pp.249-257.


Jongsomjit, S., Sombatmankhong, K. and Prapainainar, P., 2015. Effect of acid functionalised carbon supports for Pd–Ni–Sn catalyst on ethanol oxidation reaction. RSC Advances5(75), pp.61298-61308.


Prapainainar, P., Theampetch, A., Kongkachuichay, P., Laosiripojana, N., Holmes, S.M. and Prapainainar, C., 2015. Effect of solution casting temperature on properties of nafion composite membrane with surface modified mordenite for direct methanol fuel cell. Surface and Coatings Technology271, pp.63-73.


Wawdee, P., Limtrakul, S., Vatanatham, T. and Fowler, M.W., 2015. Water transport in a PEM fuel cell with slanted channel flow field plates. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy40(9), pp.3739-3748.


Namkhang, P. and Kongkachuichay, P., 2015. Synthesis of Copper-Based Nanostructured Catalysts on SiO2–Al2O3, SiO2–TiO2, and SiO2–ZrO2 Supports for NO Reduction. Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology15(7), pp.5410-5417.


Intana, T., Föttinger, K., Rupprechter, G. and Kongkachuichay, P., 2015. Physicochemical properties of Cu loaded onto core–shell Al-MCM-41: effect of loading methods. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects467, pp.157-165.


Siwawut, J., Namkhang, P. and Kongkachuichay, P., 2015. CoMetal Catalysts on SiO2TiO2 for Methanol Production from CO2–Effect of Preparation Methods. Chemical Engineering & Technology38(12), pp.2153-2160.


Kalyoncu, Ş., Düzenli, D., Onal, I., Seubsai, A., Noon, D. and Senkan, S., 2015. Direct epoxidation of propylene to propylene oxide on various catalytic systems: a combinatorial micro-reactor study. Catalysis Communications61, pp.16-20.


Kalyoncu, Ş., Düzenli, D., Onal, I., Seubsai, A., Noon, D., Senkan, S., Say, Z., Vovk, E.I. and Ozensoy, E., 2015. NaCl-Promoted CuO–RuO2/SiO2 Catalysts for Propylene Epoxidation with O2 at Atmospheric Pressures: A Combinatorial Micro-reactor Study. Catalysis Letters145(2), pp.596-605.


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